36” x 21” x 25”
14” x 10” x 14”
Red Cedar
December 2015


The Chair That Rocks Workshop

Colorful brightly painted casas in the picturesque town of Tlacotalpan is home to traditional carpinteras and ceramists. What was once known as a busting historical port town is now a quaint community where the young have left for larger cities, but where eeveryone still greets each other with friendly smiles and long hellos.

My travels took me to Tlacotalpan in December of 2015 to attend a week long design workshop called, "The Chair that Rocks". We worked with local master artisans and furniture makers, exchanging design ideas with the traditional crafts of Tlacotalpan.

The Floor Rocker and a companion foot rest is a production of a prototype that resulted from 3.5 days of co-design with a fellow designer. It was an exploration to see if you could lounge and rock at the same time, a modern twist based on the foundation of traditional templates.