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Improve health outcomes through meaningful data

Hospitals face many incidences that are often times avoidable and seemingly simple like remembering to hit a switch or document a patient's specific reaction to a type of medication. Sometimes these situations can mean the difference between readmissions for the same diagnosis to as dire as life or death scenarios for patients.

Dabo health was a data driven platform designed to improve patient care within hospital systems. In the U.S., hospitals are reimbursed and evaluated based on performance measurements. The platform provides hospitals with a visual display of how they rank among local, state, and national levels and the ability to understand the whys behind the scores. The visualizations help teams understand where they can make the most improvements and develop action oriented results.

Cathether Associated Infections
Cathether Associated Infections

Design for on-the-go caregivers

Management teams and frontline staffs are often shuffling between meetings or on their feet throughout the day. They require an application that provides succint visualizations that can be quickly viewed on the phone first, then laptop and desktop subsequently.

Cathether Associated Infections

Provide meaningful data and communication across teams

Data needed to be simple and relevant for meaningful pattern recognition to occur. For example, what might've happened during a Cathether Associated Infections on specific month(s) that led to a higher or lower than average performance? Once opportunities are defined, lead personnels can prioritize where their team(s) can make the most impact.

Cathether Associated Infections

Track care performance

Through creations of internal Quality Improvement projects, team(s) can communicate and share meaningful discussions, set targets and work towards a reduction within a particular infection rate, readmission rate, mortality rate, hospital acquired condition or improve their patient safety scores and other pertinent measurements.

Leadership are able to compare and analyze how well the different units are doing and share best practices to ensure consistency in quality across teams.

Collaborative white boarding session

Collaborative white boarding sessions

Collaborative white boarding sessions with the product teams, allowed us to get on the same page and work more efficiently by outlining the different user task flows of the product's features.

Collaborative white boarding session

Quick and messy before refined and clean

Sketching concepts on paper is a quick method to compare different ideas without the confinements of the screen. These are some of the earlier explorations around how to visualize complex data that can be dived deeper.

Collaborative white boarding session

Explicitly call out the most important value in an ocean of data

How do you visualize dense data points into digestible bits that can scale appropriately at different values? By placing the hospital system at the focal point of the ocean.