Personal Projects
Random projects throughout the years
UID Admissions Page
Information Architect
January 2013

Responsible for the design of main landing page for the General Admissions section of the Umeå Institute of Design to clarify admission requirements for the various programmes.

Collaborated with Sharon Williams on the site mapping of the future webpage of the Umeå Institute of Design school's website.

Portraits of 10
Graphic Design
December 2010

Poster outlining the different processes of visualization for capturing stories from my ten classmates.

Poster Project from Portraits of 10
Graphic Design
November 2010

An A0 size poster result of visualizing the essence of a Documentary Photograph and a Written Portrait of a classmate. The entire Written Portrait can be read at a certain distance; key words were enlarged to be visible at another distance, altogether building a Hong Kong skyscraper to visualize the origins and emotion of the article.

CD Wave
Interaction, Form
December 2007

Created for a musician friend inspired by digital sound waves. Most typical CD furnitures do not have any relation to music or sound. They tend to be plain and lack a story to their existence. I wanted to transform their role as a simple storage unit because I felt that it should be as colorful as the pieces of music it held. The goal is to revive people’s image of CDs through a visually engaging storage unit.

Exploring Sami History Through an Ice Sculpture
February 2010

The national Sami Anthem ties the diverse Sami cultures and identities together. We wanted our sculpture to represent the beauty of their different cultures and varied languages. Our bridge is symbolic of the importance of the voices of all Sami people, bridging their culture and language to the rest of Sweden. It was created based on the wave form generated from the Sami’s National Anthem. Sculpture was created from a 3x3 meter snow cube.

The interactive slide creates a continously dynamic shape through the interaction of users, promotes the message of change.

Temperature : -12 C Team members: Eden Liao (Taiwan) and Roy Pouliadou (Greece)

Life Without Cable
Interaction, Form
January 2008

This pencil holder was designed for an artist who needed storage for his drawing utensils. I wanted to create an atypical product that tells a story about its owner. In this case, the artist never had cable tv and used antennas to gain tv reception.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fundraiser
Print Design
June 2010

Graphic design posters and flyers for different raffle prizes to fundraise for the Haiti Earthquake disaster.