Nolia Spring Fair
Service Design: Brand Positioning
May 2010
4 weeks
Problem Nolia is a local exhibition organizer who wish to improve the visitor experience of their Stora Vårmässan Fair, located in Sundsvall, Sweden. The goal was to re-position the traditional annual Big Spring Fair, to increase the attendance of youth ages 18-25.

Re-event the user experience of the Spring Fair to justify the admission price to attract youth attendance.

Nolia's goal of attracting young adults did not align with their current event offering. They faced stagnant growth from an inflexible business model. The solution was to re-invent their strategy to adapt to the changing interests and needs of the next generation.

The concept involved shifting the notion of a traditional fair towards a modern-day festival. This, in turn, can increase participants, repeating customers and build excitement around the fair. A sustainable business model with a sample user experience was provided, where local businesses, community and fair organizers collaborate to product an interactive event.

My role included fair observations, documentation, visitor insights through interviews and survey, facilitation of the brainstorming process, and providing a business perspective on the development of the concept strategy.

Design Collaborators: Roy Pouliadou, Joyce Chow, Chris Moe

Fair Observations
There was an entrance fee to attend the fair. Visually, the brand identity of personnel uniform, pamphlets & overall presence of either Nolia or Vårmässan throughout the event lacked coherency with one another. Vacant seatings were found in many exhibitions. Although all purchases from booths were cash only, there was only one ATM available, which produced long lines. It felt that the booths did not cater to the visitors, but more for small businesses.
Visitor Surveys
Overall, visitors ages 35 and above had positive feelings about the fair. However, visitors ages 25 and below had higher expectations, but lower experienced outcome during the following three touchpoints: Entrance Entertainment Facilities All of which are potential areas of improvement to pursue.

Three Areas of Improvement:
1. Entrance
2. Entertainment
3. Facilities

We brainstormed how we could address those issues presented from the research and improve the overall experience of each touchpoint based on the 5 senses and Nolia’s brand elements.

Brainstorming with Young Scandinavians
I led an ideation session with Scandinavian youth for fresh perspectives and insights around what they would envision for an event that would cost $10. They were given 3 types of event activity to brainstorm around: ideal entertainment, competition, and workshop.

Further ideation led to many possibilities that were mapped out to bridge the local community, businesses and entertainment.

Creating a Sustainable Business Model
In order to maintain a sustainable business model, the local businesses and community and fair organizer must cooperate to produce an interactive event: creating a symbiotic relationship. This model is flexible and can be evolved/adapted to the changes in culture, values and entertainment of visitors.

How it Works
For example, in order to have access to exciting and major activities, such as an obstacle course, the health care provider or military, can act as the main sponsor for the activity.

The benefit for them is the promotion of their name, mission and contribution to the community. Next to this obstacle course would be exhibitors who are selling products or services that are related to the activity. The visitor then interacts with the activity and becomes more aware about the sponsor, nearby exhibitors and are enticed to purchase a product.