Acacia Eco Lamp
Life Cycle Product
October 2009
3 weeks
Design an ecological lamp for the work/home environment.


2 main personal goals:

1. Minimalizing the materials used

2. Promote “green” living by reminding users to constantly think about their impact on energy consumption through the interaction of the lamp itself.

Thinking Beyond the Material: During the life cycle of the lamp, the bulk of the environmental impact is from the energy consumption for lighting. It isn´t enough to consider the materials alone, the product has to encourage users to reflect on their actions of consumption.

The Acacia lamp interacts with users and visually reminds them to conserve energy. Inspired from the Acacia tree, the light is off when each leaf (light source) is folded; the wider the leaf is extended, the more light will be emitted. Depending on the context of use, users can adjust the lighting based on their needs. This dimming limits the amount of electrical current used.