Mini Explorations
Prototyping Experiments
Duration: 3 days to 1 week
Rabbit Moose Road
Prototyping with Game Controllers and Input Devices
September 12th, 2012

A 3 day racing game experiment creating an indie-game using Processing and a PS Move Controller as an input device via Kaliber, an open source software to make HIDS compatible with software platforms.

Each time the player hits a rabbit or a moose, the PS Move turns Red and Vibrates for feedback.

The Future of Teleconference
December 2012

A one week exploration on the future of teleconference. I was responsible for the illustrations and greenscreening of the film to visually describe the scenario.

Collaborators: Clayton Cook, Jules Fennis, Alexis Morin

Kinect Triangles
November 2012

A learning exercise on tracking using the Kinect. Through the SimpleOpenNI's skeleton tracking, we made a drawing board based on people's movements.

The sensor detect the form(s) of the user(s), identifies their left hand and represents them with a different color triangle. The triangle enlarges as one moves closer to the sensor. The artwork made is then saved onto a flickr account.

Collaborators: Clayton Cook, Kilian Kreiser

A Fool's Bank
September 24th, 2012

This was an exercise in prototyping the interaction of a physical input to a physical output.

Our result was a device that gave users a printed fortune financial advice in exchange for their Swedish kronor.

Project Collaborators: Shivanjali Tomar and Daniel Jansson
External Tutors for the project: Adam Meyer and David Sjunnesson (Tellart)