Plug or Pump
Ecological Driving Mobile App
December 2011
1 week
An ecological mobile app competition held by Etrans, a project with the goal of making electric cars more prevalent in Denmark.

Create a mobile app that helps people understand the benefits of driving an electrical vehicle.

The app helps users get a sense of how much they can save if they drove an electric car before deciding to make the switch. It enables users to compare the costs of their existing car with an electric car by providing informative data on consumption in terms of energy, CO2, and money.

Collaborator: Mike Jones

Winner of the Energy Category

“An electric car purchase is mostly associated with a period in which the prospective buyer is considering the differences between their existing car and an electric car. - What is it you can save? What is the exact environmental benefits? Through nice and clear graphics, the Plug or the Pump help users see the differences in relation to energy, money and CO2 while driving. It provides an easy way to get an overview of what life with an electric car really would be like.

The jury believes that an app like The Plug or the Pump will find justification in both curious motorists, electric car dealers and others who need a weekday with an electric car, and we have honored the pure and clearly communicated idea.”

-Christiane Vejlø
Jury Member/Editor & Digital Trend Expert

How it Works
1. Select the type of car you are driving. You can get more specific with the make, model, and year of the car.
2. Place the app in your car and press start once you begin to drive. During your drive, the app displays a meter for your car and one for an electric car that calculates how much cost is associated with your drive. The app records your speed and distance, as well as your braking and accelerating style.
3. Press stop once you arrive at your destination. A comparison summary of the energy, CO2, and cost of the trip between your car and the electric car appears. The app keeps track of all these trips and provides an overview of how much you could save in money and environmental impact over time.