Sound & Light Design
February 2011
2 weeks
Enhance the existing alarm clock experience through the use of sound and light.

Good sleep plays an essential role in how well we function each day. The formula is simple: Good sleep equals happy people. Happy people equals a better world.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed to the soothing sounds from nature, incrementally layered for each passing second and harmonized with gradual brightness.

A.L.A.M. is the next generation alarm clock that monitors your sleeping movement and wakes you up during your lightest sleep stage. Settings can be adjusted through the simple touch interface where multiple alarms can be generated.

Collaborators: Melanie Becker, Alexis Morin, Apurba Pawar

Ideation Process
We evaluated examples of the best and the worst sound & light experiences we encounter everyday. Learning from these experiences, we ideated around how it could be applied to alarm clocks and mobile phones.

+ Ideation sketching
+ foam sketching
+ green screening
+ sound recording
+ filming
+ molding
+ 1:1 working model prototype

Final Concept
Good sleep plays a direct role in how well we function the next day. The goal is to have our users waking up feeling refreshed.

A sleep sensor device monitors the user´ motion and corresponds with the alarm clock to wake him up during his lightest sleeping.

The alarm clock gradually progresses in brightness and loudness of sounds from the nature. The clock can be placed on your table stand or hung from the wall.

Incremental Layers of Sound
Different sound layers were produced to create a gradual progression of overlapping sounds from the nature. The example we’ve used is a “Sea Beach Theme”.